How to install the software

1. It is highly recommended that you download and install the software from the original website. This way you ensure that you obtain the original software as published by the developer. Some third party websites may also offer the free BizController for download but it might be bundled with third party software or infected with malware or viruses. The easiest and the safest way to install BizController is to install directly from the website using the online installer. This type of installation ensures that you receive future software updates as well as and all the required Microsoft Windows components automatically, if they are not already present on your machine during installation.

2. In most cases, the required Microsoft Windows components are already present on most computers. If any additional components are required, however, the installer will attempt to download them automatically from the Microsoft website. You must accept any relevant Microsoft agreements as shown on the screenshot below.

3. BizController has not yet been digitally signed and for this reason Windows will display a warning. If you install from the website, you can safely click 'Install'.

4. Windows 8 users will also see an additional security screen. Click 'More info' to see additional options and then 'Run Anyway' as shown below:

5. Choose your language. Read and accept BizController's licence terms.

6. Enter the licence holder and key. For a free version leave the the fields empty and click 'Ok'. 

7. The software will then restart and is ready for use. Remember that each time you create or open a new database, BizController will need to close and reopen.