Importing from accounting software

Historical data will typically be exported from an external accounting software and imported into BizController via an external text file (.txt or .csv). The file needs to be structured as a flat table with data fields separated with a selected character (typically a comma or semicolon).

It is recommended that the first row in the file contain names of field headers, as this will make the mapping process of the fields in the imported file to the system fields much easier. Those fields in the file that contain names identical with the names of fields in the internal system table of the software will be mapped automatically.

To see what names of fields are used by the system and what type of information needs to be imported, clik Project > Import and Export and select the Import Historical Information option.

To ensure that data is fetched correctly, it needs to formatted in line with the following guidelines:

  • Periods need to be expressed as decimal numbers with the month/quarter number represented as a hundredth part after the decimal point (dot). For example, the third quarter of 2014  would be represented by 2014.03.

  • Numbers cannot contain spaces, nor any digit grouping characters (e.g. 123456.12 but not 123,456.12)

  • Text fields should not contain characters that are used as field separators.

Follow the instructions in the Import and Export Wizard.

It is a good idea to export some test data first and open the file in the Windows Notepad to see what the correct file structure should be.