xlSync Module Interface

Click xlSync to open the control screen of the xlSync Module. Click Module on, if necessary, to activate the Module.

The screen is split into two sections. The top section shows the list of registered Excel worksheets while the bottom section shows a preview of data fetched from the currently selected sheet.

Using the preview window, the user can verify BizController can “see” the appropriate data in the worksheet and adjust any tags if required.

The list of registered worksheets shows synchronization status for every item in the list and allows the User to create a new or add existing worksheets, or unregister unnecessary items.

The user can uncheck any of the items to temporarily exclude them from the financial plan. It is useful when worksheets contain alternative or optional assumptions and the User wants to see their impact on financial statements.

If BizController finds a problem with data integrity, it will show the relevant item in red and display an appropriate error text in the status column or the Integrity Window at the bottom of the screen. It is possible, however, that some errors may remain undetected.