Modes of Operation

BizController supports two modes of operation: normal and simplified. The mode is determined when the user chooses to use or not to use accounts on the New Project dialog screen and cannot be changed once a new project database has been created.

In the simplified mode, the user does not need to enter the accounts list for their organisation (chart of accounts). After report templates have been created, BizController automatically creates accounts that correspond to the numbers (identifiers) of reporting lines used on report templates. On assumption spreadsheets in Excel, the user should use the same id codes that have been assigned to reporting lines, as if they were account numbers. This mode is useful for consultancies, managers developing strategies or one-off exercises, or wherever a relatively high level of aggregation is sufficient.

To operate in the normal (full) mode, it is necessary to enter the list of accounts used in the organisation first, and, optionally, define new cash accounts that will correspond to the cash flow statement items. Once the accounts are defined, it is necessary to link the accounts with reporting lines designed in the template editor. This process is explained in later sections of the manual.

In the normal mode BizController operates in a way similar to traditional accounting systems and allows the user to budget and do controlling tasks on the level of each individual account.