Creating a New Database

BizController can create and work with several independent sets of data files. Each set can represent a different project, archived version or a different legal/business entity, depending on the User’s requirements. It is recommended that the user should create a test database and a production database for every project. By default BizController creates a separate set of data files in separate folders.

BizController automatically opens the most recently used database until the user creates or opens another database file set.

When the software is run for the first time it is necessary to create a new database set.

Select Project > New Database in the main menu, then pick a destination folder and a project folder name (recommended) to create a new set.

BizController will create several files in the project folder. Although it is technically possible to place these files on a network drive, it is recommended that these files be kept on a local disk drive for optimal performance.



Select Project on the Navigation Menu.

Click New Database... to create a new database file set.

Click Open Database … to open a previously created database file set. The currently used database will be closed.